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A Dutch windmill added to our track. With the orange limited edition Traxxas Defender a great combo!
The thing you can get done if you work with a great group!!
Stock Traxxas electronics working perfect!
Its called a stall when you fly slow in low wind and suddenly the wind turns to your tail...
Awesome Track Day!!
Almost stock marlin driving in the new leaf springs and tires. A fun bit to do!
Rc community FMS The Netherlands. Great people great fun!! Do you have a track?!?!?
Our insta in back in the air!!
Open club day at
Is it dry already?
My first try at crawling. Fun, but maybe too easy if you know how to fly. Or haven't I seen enough of what is possible?
Working a bit on my Arrow. Not but coreflute.
A glider tow at
Auto’s bij een vliegclub?????
Werken aan een nieuwe (waarschijnlijk illegale 😊) Instagram feed voor
Doing some simulator to get that stick feel again after the winter.
Bijna de skies nodig....🎿
En een voorbeeld van de kaart
onze kantine (met bediening)
kleintje van Dave
het gaat niet altijd helemaal goed
een drone racer
Brothers in arms